web site programming & database setup

PHP, Python, and ASP programming for interactive and e-commerce web sites. Databases implemented with PostgreSQL, mySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle. Experienced with credit card payment gateways, including Verisign PayFlow Pro, Authorize.net, and PayPal. Assistance with domain name registration and web hosting provider selection and setup. Some representative projects:

Burley.com, replaced broken back-end in two weeks with new database of dealers and Google Maps-based dealer locator, product lookup, warranty and product registration.

ACRE, real estate consultant training and certification site, includes online training/testing, e-commerce with renewals, community features.

Generations Retirement Communities, all back-end programming work including scheduling visits, email follow-ups, and calendar.

Insight Worldwide, programming to support employee screening and testing on the web and with Palm devices.

CodeInstruction.com, web-based exams and class registration for licensed contractors in Oregon, Washington, and California. Online credit card payments with real-time authorization, through Verisign PayFlow Pro gateway.

Value-based selling training for Thermo Electron Corporation and Hahn Consulting. Six modules of training material in Flash/video format, with online testing and scoring for thousands of Thermo sales staff. Full web-based admin and reporting interface. The training site is only available to Thermo employees through their intranet.

Oregon Catholic Press, company web site with online catalog of thousands of printed materials and music, shopping cart with real-time credit card authorization and transmittal of orders to OCP order processing system. Also online liturgy planning for Catholic parishes at Liturgy.com.


project management and code review

Programming, database, e-commerce, and security issues can be very technical and hard to understand. If you need someone to objectively review your site development, database setup, or security, or if you need help managing and communicating with your developers, PDXperts can act as project manager and code reviewer.


life support for legacy systems

Many businesses depend on older software but can't get support for it. If your software runs without a safety net, talk to us about stabilizing and extending your software, or planning for migration to a new application. Also consider web-enabling your legacy applications. Recent projects:

Integrity Logistics needed to hook their legacy trucking brokerage application to their web site, so clients and drivers can track shipments, find available loads, and report in. Their ASP-based web site communicates through an intermediate application (written in Python) to their proprietary legacy system. The screen scraper is described in detail in this article on artima.com.

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